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More than 150 businesses trust Shopstory to automate their workflows

Customer Voices on Trustpilot

Mai 27, 2024
by Beny Franko

Great onboarding, automation ideas work wonders

We came across with Shopstory while looking for optimizations for our webshop focused mainly on our advertising needs. Initially it felt strange to rely on software but after integrating it for a month, we realized we are having full control. Surprisingly the software can find the answers you look for in few seconds. The fact that is no code is very beneficial. Also it offers a library of automation ideas that you can implement in seconds to get reports or make automated changes in your Google Ads or shop system. It also integrates with ChatGPT, allowing us to improve product information and write blog articles. It’s a really great tool.

Mai 26, 2024
by Shabnam Sh

Great tool

I am using all their pre-built automations for our shop system and am already seeing their value! Great tool, definitely check out their "flow library" to see all their template automations.

Mai 26, 2024
by Andrei B

Best tool to optimise ads

Honestly its been the best tool we’ve invested in for ads and performance marketing in a while (much better than Zapier and Make). I was impressed to see a noticeable increase in the engagement and conversion rate after just 2-3 weeks of optimizing/automating our Google ads!!. Per their recommendation, we also implemented a couple of their pre-built flows for bid strategy and budgeting too recently. Looking forward to streamlining more tasks with them.

Mai 26, 2024
by Kian Razian SILE

Connects top ecommerce apps

Our business operates with different shop systems so we’re very happy that Shopstory has integrations and workflows for WooCommerce, Shopify and Merchant Center (they have other ones too). It saves our team hours, especially during peak seasons, by automating useful tasks to optimize our SEO and SEA + maximize our campaign budget. They also have the best and most responsive team!!

What our customers say

More time for strategic topics

“Shopstory turned ecommerce into a playground for us! We've more than doubled our conversions since using it.”

lila loves it logo

Ellen Blobner

Marketing Manager @ lila-loves-it

Automated our performance marketing

“Before Shopstory, we had difficulty getting a holistic overview of how our online campaigns affect our online shop. We now have clear control over the profitability of our campaigns.”

Logo of Miss Lashes

Irina Yalcin

CEO & Founder @ Miss Lashes

More effective and efficient marketing

“The switch to Shopstory has significantly improved our advertising campaigns. We've seen a noticeable increase in conversions, and it saved us time and money at the same time.”

Nancy Heijnis

Digital Marketing Manager @ House of Nutrition

Enabled us to make data driven decisions

“We have a better overview of our performance marketing and can make better and more educated strategic decisions through Shopstory. Highly recommended.”

Bram Veldhoen

CEO & Founder

More time through automated optimizations

“We wasted a lot of time on repetitive tasks every week until Shopstory changed that by optimizing our workflows using automated flows.”

kamdi24 Logo

Max Schulz

Online Marketing Manager @ kamdi24

The automations save valuable time

“We're really excited about Shopstory. It has automated and simplified large parts of our performance marketing. This saves us time and gives us full control again.”

Peter Tomaschofsky

Managing Director @

Able to focus on the big picture now

“Thanks to Shopstory, we can focus on our core business and let the software take care of our Google Ads and technical details - without te need of us checking in on the smaller tasks.”

Tobias Wiegers

CEO & Founder @ Media-Werbung Wiegers e.K.

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