Add New Titles Generated by ChatGPT to Merchant Center

In this flow, product titles from a Google Sheet are efficiently matched and updated with corresponding products in the Merchant Center. Once integrated, these updated titles are methodically organized and stored in another Google Sheet for future reference. This streamlined process not only ensures that your product titles in the Merchant Center are current and accurate but also allows for easy management and retrieval of title data. It's designed to simplify and organize the way you handle product titles, making the process more efficient and less time-consuming.

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Dealing withrepetitive tasks?
Our flows can automate them.

Tedious and repetitive tasks come in various shapes and forms. Check out some of our most popular flows so you get a feel for what's possible.
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Product Descriptions In Shopify

In this flow, ChatGPT is used to generate or improve product descriptions for Shopify. The new product descriptions end up in a Google sheet for verification.

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Weather-Based Ads

This flow accesses weather data from a Google Sheet and compares it with previously selected thresholds. On the basis of this information, the budgets or the bidding strategies are adjusted.

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Cross-Channel Reporting

A simple flow that gathers campaign data from Google Ads and Meta and puts it into a Google Sheet creating a fully automated cross-channel report for you.