Good reasons for our software

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Save Time

Regardless of whether you took over your marketing yourself or handed it over to someone else. Our software supports you every step of the way, giving you time for the really important things.

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Fewer Clicks

Never worry about unnecessarily complicated ad creation again. With Shopstory, you can create ads in just a few clicks and in a fraction of the time.

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Shopstory's algorithms work for you 24/7 and are constantly optimizing your campaigns. We are working on the right screws to get the most out of your advertising budget.

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With Shopstory, you no longer burn your online shop's advertising budget. Instead of going up in smoke, your advertising budget ends up with your target group with us.

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Transparency & Control

Gone are the days when you have to hand over your marketing to someone else. Our software shows you exactly what's happening with your advertising budget. You can also intervene at any time if necessary.

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Lower Costs

Agencies or an entire marketing team let your marketing costs skyrocket quickly. With Shopstory, there is no hourly rate, but there is full performance.

Online shops love Shopstory Ad Manager

Our customers love our ad manager and there are good reasons for that: We increase sales, reduce costs and save time.

online stores control your ads via Shopstory software
ROAS increase on average across all online shops
Time spent per week On average - Shopstory saves money and time
Success Stories

We create success stories

What our customers say

More time for strategic topics

“Shopstory turned ecommerce into a playground for us! We've more than doubled our conversions since using it.”

lila loves it logo

Ellen Blobner

Marketing Manager @ lila-loves-it

Automated our performance marketing

“Before Shopstory, we had difficulty getting a holistic overview of how our online campaigns affect our online shop. We now have clear control over the profitability of our campaigns.”

Logo of Miss Lashes

Irina Yalcin

CEO & Founder @ Miss Lashes

More effective and efficient marketing

“The switch to Shopstory has significantly improved our advertising campaigns. We've seen a noticeable increase in conversions, and it saved us time and money at the same time.”

Nancy Heijnis

Digital Marketing Manager @ House of Nutrition

Enabled us to make data driven decisions

“We have a better overview of our performance marketing and can make better and more educated strategic decisions through Shopstory. Highly recommended.”

Bram Veldhoen

CEO & Founder

More time through automated optimizations

“We wasted a lot of time on repetitive tasks every week until Shopstory changed that by optimizing our workflows using automated flows.”

kamdi24 Logo

Max Schulz

Online Marketing Manager @ kamdi24

The automations save valuable time

“We're really excited about Shopstory. It has automated and simplified large parts of our performance marketing. This saves us time and gives us full control again.”

Peter Tomaschofsky

Managing Director @

Able to focus on the big picture now

“Thanks to Shopstory, we can focus on our core business and let the software take care of our Google Ads and technical details - without te need of us checking in on the smaller tasks.”

Tobias Wiegers

CEO & Founder @ Media-Werbung Wiegers e.K.

Frequently asked questions

What is Shopstory Ad Manager?

Shopstory is an intelligent online marketing platform for online shops. It takes you through the SEA and SEO jungle with recommendations specifically for your online shop to increase your organic visibility and sales through ads.

How does Shopstory Ad Manager work?

Based on your shop's profitability metrics, such as margin and average shopping cart, Shopstory analyses keywords that are likely to be profitable for your online store's marketing activities. You can either use our recommendations as a guide for your ad creation or let Shopstory automatically run ads for you. While ads are running, our intelligent algorithms optimize them around the clock so that your ad budget is spent on high-performance keywords to increase your ROAS (return on ad spend).

Who is Shopstory Ad Manager for?

Shopstory is aimed at online shops that want to increase their sales through search engine marketing with little effort by receiving personalized recommendations that show what needs to be done for optimal performance.

What problems does Shopstory Ad Manager address?

Search engine marketing is complex and time-consuming. You need a lot of background knowledge, research keywords, fight your way through complicated ad creation processes, analyze performance and constantly optimize to ensure success. Shopstory does it all for you. This allows you to save time and money and focus on what's important — your business.

Which channels does Shopstory Ad Manager support?

Shopstory's primary area of expertise is the Google environment. The main focus is on search campaigns, but we also serve all display networks such as Google Shopping, Gmail or YouTube.

What type of online shop goes well with Shopstory?

Every small to medium-sized online shop is a good customer for Shopstory. We support all common shop systems, but especially if you use Shopware, Shopify or Woocommerce, you've come to the right place. If you've just started your online business, it can be harder to get the best results with Shopstory. We therefore recommend Shopstory for online shops that already have a certain amount of organic traffic.

What do I need to use Shopstory Ad Manager?

All you need are Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console accounts, as well as a product feed URL. Sounds complicated? Don't worry! During our onboarding process, you will receive all necessary instructions to set up Shopstory. Our Customer Success Managers will help you if you're stuck and work with you to make final adjustments so you can start working more profitably right away.

Do I have to be a Google expert to use Shopstory?

Not at all. Even if you've never come into contact with search engine marketing, you'll be able to run profitable ads and improve the organic visibility of your online store in no time. Shopstory supports you with great learning content so that anyone can become an expert in this field.

How much time do I need to spend with the ad manager?

Once your account is set up, we recommend spending a few hours defining your favorite products, adding keywords to the keyword base so that our algorithm can learn, and making minor adjustments to ad copy. After you've placed your first ads with Shopstory, we recommend that you set aside around 1 hour per week to implement the recommendations.

How long will it take before I see first results?

It takes a while for Google to learn about your campaigns. Depending on the activity with Shopstory, our customers see first results after 1 month and big changes in sales after 6 months. Patience pays off.

See for yourself

Still unsure? See for yourself with a personal and free tour through Shopstory.

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