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BD Lead @ Shopstory
Webinar Host

James is a seasoned entrepreneur, adept in sales strategies and passionate about marketing innovations. At Shopstory, he empowers online retailers with automation to amplify their impact while streamlining operations. With a fervent dedication to collaboration and knowledge sharing, James is your ideal host for Shopstory's dynamic webinar series.

Corne Prodos Agency Portrait
Growth Lead @ Prodos
Special Guest & Speaker

Corné, an expert in online performance marketing, provides guidance to ecommerce-focused scale-ups and start-ups. His innovative approach and cutting-edge growth tactics across major online platforms have established him as a leader in the field. With a track record of outstanding results and working with notable companies like Peugeot, Disney, Wijnvoordeel, Brunotti, and Lazy Susan, Corné excels at crafting effective online marketing strategies to achieve ambitious revenue goals.

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